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Exe Valley

Vision and Ethos

"We aim to create an environment where our children can learn to 'live life in all its fullness'"

Mission Statement and School Values


We challenge our children to do their very best and to apply a positive, goal-oriented attitude in the process. We encourage them to support each other and to set a good example within our caring Silverton community. We support them to challenge each other with kindness, understanding and positivity. Our curriculum content is unique to our schools and we aim to be inspiring, creative and engaging for everyone.


We value and celebrate diversity and individuality. We enable our children to discover their unique interests and abilities. We recognise that the best way of learning is often a journey and that a positive attitude leads to a more successful and satisfying outcome. We learn that it is important to contribute to the world and not just take from it.


We prepare our children for the future by encouraging growing independence and by celebrating success in many different forms. We support children and families in every way we can and we ensure that all our children are safe, happy and confident so that they can achieve the best possible outcomes.

                                                                British Values


Silverton C of E Primary School upholds a strong and distinctive Christian ethos: this is demonstrated through effective relationships, our caring and loving ethos and the centrality of our values in everyday school life.  Collective worship forms the core of how we communicate these messages - whole school and in individual classes.