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Our *New* Curriculum for 2022 has been finalised and a 2 year rolling programme is being rolled out across the school. Below you can find our learning maps for each class containing key information about the new topics alongside the prior and future learning opportunities. 


Autumn Term 1

What Makes You Unique - Topic Web 

Little Wandle Phonics Home Learning  

Autumn Term 2

Sparks in the Sky - Topic Web 

Little Wandle Phonics Home Learning  

Spring Term 1

Terrific Tales - Topic Web 

Little Wandle Phonics Home Learning 

Three Little Pigs Home Learning - Nursery 

Three Little Pigs Home Learning - Reception 

Spring Term 2

Amazing Animals - Topic Web 

Amazing Animals Home Learning - Nursery 

Amazing Animals Home Learning - Reception 

Summer Term 1

The Great Outdoors - Topic Web 

The Great Outdoors - Home Learning  

Summer Term 2

Seaside - Topic Web 

Seaside - Nursery Home Learning 

Seaside - Reception Home Learning 


Autumn Term 1

Where Do We Live - Topic Web 

Where Do We Live - Learning Map 

Where Do We Live - Homework  

Where Do We Live - Knowledge Organiser 

Autumn Term 2

How Do We Get From A to B - Topic Web 

How Do We Get From A to B - Learning Map 

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Homework Project 

How Do We Get From A to B - Knowledge Organiser 

Spring Term 1

Sensational Safaris - Topic Web 

Sensational Safaris - Learning Map 

Sensational Safaris - Homework Sensational Safaris Cover Page 

Sensational Safaris - Knowledge Organiser 

Spring Term 2

Kings and Queens Topic Web 

Kings and Queens Learning Map 

Kings and Queens Home Learning Project Kings and Queens Cover Page 

Kings and Queens Knowledge Organiser 

Summer 1

Seaside - Topic Web 

Seaside - Learning Map 

Seaside - Homework Seaside Cover Page 

Seaside - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer Term 2

Toys- Topic Web 

Toys - Learning Map 

Toys - Home Learning Project Toys Cover Sheet 

Toys - Knowledge Organiser 


Autumn Term 1

Extreme Earth - Topic Web 

Extreme Earth - Learning Map 

Extreme Earth - Homework 

Extreme Earth - Knowledge Organiser 

Autumn Term 2

Anglo Saxons Topic Web 

Anglo Saxons - Learning Map 

Anglo Saxons - Homework 

Anglo Saxons Knowledge Organiser 

Spring Term 1

All Around The World - Topic Web 

All Around The World - Learning Map 

All Around The World - Homework 

All Around The World - Knowledge Organiser 

Spring Term 2

World War II - Topic Web 

World War II - Learning Map 

World War II - Homework  

World War II - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer Term 1

Rainforests - Topic Web 

Rainforests - Learning Map 

Rainforests - Homework Rainforests Cover Page 

Rainforests - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer Term 2 

Ancient Egypt - Topic Web 

Ancient Egypt - Learning Map 

Ancient Egypt - Homework Ancient Egypt - Cover Page 

Ancient Egypt - Knowledge Organiser 


Autumn Term 1

South America - Topic Web 

South America - Learning Map 

South America - Homework 

South America - Knowledge Organiser 

Autumn Term 2

Shang Dynasty Topic Web 

Shang Dynasty Learning Map 

Shang Dynasty Homework Project 

Shang Dynasty Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term 1

Energy and the Environment - Topic Web 

Energy and the Environment - Learning Map 

Energy and the Environment - Homework 

Energy and the Environment - Knowledge Organiser 

Spring Term 2

WW2 - A Child's War - Topic Web 

WW2 - A Child's War - Learning Map 

WW2 - A Child's War - Home Learning Project 

WW2 - A Child's War - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer Term 1

Raging Rivers - Topic Web 

Raging Rivers - Learning Map 

Raging Rivers - Homework Rivers - Cover Page 

Raging Rivers - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer Term 2

Medicine Through Time - Topic Web 

Medicine Through Time - Learning Map 

Medicine Through Time - Homework Medicine Through Time - Cover Page 




Autumn Term 1

Home Sweet Home - Topic Web 

Autumn Term 2

Let's Celebrate - Topic Web 

Spring Term 1

Twinkle Twinkle - Topic Web 


Autumn Term

Rio de Vida - Brazil - Topic Web 

Rio de Vida - Brazil - Learning Map 

Rio de Vida - Brazil - Home Learning Rio de Vida - Brazil - Cover Page 

Rio de Vida - Brazil - Knowledge Organiser 

Autumn 2

The Great Fire of London - Topic Web 

The Great Fire of London - Learning Map 

The Great Fire of London- Home Learning Project Great Fire Cover Page 

The Great Fire of London - Knowledge Organiser 

Spring 1

Splendid Skies - Topic Web 

Splendid Skies - Home Learning Splendid Skies Cover Page 

Splendid Skies Knowledge Organiser 

Spring 2

War and Remembrance - Topic Web 

War and Remembrance - Home Learning War and Remembrance - CP 

War and Remembrance - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer Term 1

Magical Mapping - Topic Web 

Magical Mapping - Home Learning Magical Mapping - Cover Page 

Magical Mapping - Knowledge Organiser 


Autumn Term 1

USA - Topic Web 

USA - Learning Map 

USA - Home LearningUSA - Cover Page 

Autumn Term 2

Stone Age to Iron Age - Topic Web 

Stone Age to Iron Age - Learning Map 

Stone Age - Home Learning Project Stone Age to Iron Age - Cover Sheet 

Spring 1

Land Use - Topic Web 

Land Use - Home Learning  Land Use Cover Page 

Land Use - Knowledge Organiser 

Spring 2

The Romans - Topic Web 

The Romans - Home Learning Project The Romans - Cover Page 

The Romans - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer 1

The UK - Topic Web 

The UK - Home Learning The UK - Cover Page 

The UK - Knowledge Organiser 


Autumn Term

Our Changing World - Topic Web 

Our Changing World - Learning Map 

Our Changing World - Home LearningOur Changing World Cover Page 

 Autumn 2

Victorians - Topic Web 

Victorians - Home Learning Project Victorians Cover Page 

Victorians - Knowledge Organiser 

Spring 1

Eastern Europe - Topic Web 

Eastern Europe - Home Learning Y6 Revision Home Learning Letter 

Exploring Eastern Europe Cover Page Eastern Europe Knowledge Organiser 

Spring 2

Vikings and Anglo Saxons - Topic Web 

Vikings and Anglo Saxons - Home Learning Vikings and Anglo Saxons CP 

Vikings and Anglo Saxons - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer 1

Trade and Economics - Topic Web 

Trade and Economics - Home Learning  Trade and Economics Cover Page 

Trade and Economics - Knowledge Organiser